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lol Entryyyyyaatrgrgh.

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 12, 2011, 12:12 AM

Well I got tagged up my ass.

1) You must post these rules!
2) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 10 new questions for people you tag to answer.
3) You must find 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4) Go to their and tell her/him they have been tagged.
5) No tag backs
6) No crud in the tagging section like " you are tagged if you read this" you legitimately have to tag 10 people.

Questions for me:

1. What inspires your art?
2. What values do you hold dear?
3. Who do you look up to? (as in who has heavy influence in your art and life)
4. What software or materials do you prefer?
5. How do you feel is the biggest problem for artists in the professional world.
6. Where would you like to work or live that is not the place you do so currently?
7. Favorite comic industry: Oriental (Manga and MAnwa) or Occidental (DC MARVEL DYNAMITE NORMA)?
9. What famous quote represents you best? (famous words that you hold close to your heart)
10. What's your favorite thing? (movie, song, object, etc...)

My answers:

1. Everything (Which kinda sucks since I dont get to spetialize on anything).
2. Carpe Diem, being yourself and doing what you like.
3. Anyone who I consider better than me (even if sometimes I get a little jealous).
4. Mac, PS, Ai. Soon Inkling. Love Pen & Paper really, dig the sketchy look.
5. Payment and Job opportunities.
6. I dont have those kind of desires.
7. I reeeeally like Manwha.
9. "Shitbag wdefghjklñ" - Neckros Oct 12 2008.
10. Everything I own.

And then...

1--> You must post these rules (VERY Important)
2--> Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3--> You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4--> Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5--> No tag backs
6--> No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

1. I like Retro and Vintage stuff a lot, like Music, Images, Clothing... etc.
2. Im unemployed right now.
3. Im only wearing underwear.
4. Its 2 am and Im reading Shamo... again!
5. I like to collect videogames and consoles, but I dont consider myself a serious videogame collector.
6. I love hot spicy candy and stuff, whenever I see a new spicy product, I must buy it!
7. I tend to act and speak without thinking, which I dont see as a bad thing, but sometimes I gets me trouble.
8. Need to buy some new clothes... I NEED IT. Really.
9. My girlfriend thinks im Hipster just because I like some alternative electronic music, like Speedcore or Chiptune. lolz!
10. Im not going to tag anyone, cuz im a dick.

  • Mood: Anguish
  • Listening to: XACKSECKS / Odaxelagnia / Renard
  • Reading: Starting
  • Watching: Breaking Bad
  • Playing: ME2, Some XBLA Games and iPod.
  • Eating: Burritos
  • Drinking: Coca Cola Cherry
Hello, just updating this a little.
Im working on new stuff, I will post later, I promise.
Meanwhile, I just gotta say, necKros sux. loooololol pwned, nab, LOL BBQ.
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  • Listening to: Eskimo / New Vegas OST
  • Watching: House
  • Playing: Fallout New Vegas, TF2, Gunz
  • Eating: Healthy
  • Drinking: Anything but Cola
I dont use to do this, but, what the hell?

1- ¿a que joden los tags largos?
R: Si, como chingan xD

2- ¿que le harias a quien te tageo?
R: Nada

3- ohm...vaya, continuemos aunque te joda ^^!! identificate!
R: Mars

4- ¿¡Edad!?
R: 21

5- ¿eres chico o chica?
R: Im Batman.

6- describeme tu peinado, color, corte, etc.
R: Negro, feo, corto y muy lol.

7- algo en especial?

8- te gustaria algo distinto en el?
R: Otra tit? ugh... xD

9- y tus ojos? ya se que estan en tu cara, pero describemelos
R: Café oscuro.

10- como vistes normalmente?
R: En total de ropa, tengo tres pantalones. Asi que trato de combinar con playeras y tenis.

11- que estilo de musica escuchas?
R: speedcore, happycore, metal, heavy metal, rock, punk, hip hop, trip hop, dark hip hop, techno, trance, video game remixing, mashups, fusion, drum & bass, happy punk, neö metal, j-rock, j-trance, nip hop, OST's videogames and movies, classical, instrumental, alternative, experimental, progressive, black metal, power metal, speed power metal, death metal, rap, ethnic, psychedelic rock, psycho, psycho trance, terrorcore, splittercore, cyberpunk, industrial techno, industrial rock, industrial metal, grunge, hardcore, jumpstyle, holy shit im already tired, so what can I say? Im a musical freak.

12- que tipos de juegos son los que mas te gustan? recomendarias algunos?
R: Juegos Musicales, Puzzles, First person shooters, Platforms, Oldschool games.
Mis recomendaciones.... pues a ver..

Juegos Musicales
- Stepmania (PC)
- Taiko no Tastujin (Wii/DS/Arcade)
- Guitar Hero / RockBand (DS/Wii/360/PS2/PS3)
- DJ Max (PC/PSP)

- Zack and Wiki (Wii)
- Puzzle Quest (PC/Mobile/DS/Wii/PSP)
- Bejeweled (PC/Mobile)
- Magical Drop III (Arcade)
- Tetris Attack (SNES)
- Puyo Pop Fever (DS)
- Chu Chu Rocket! (GBA/Mobile)
- Adventures of Lolo 1-3 (NES)
- Deadly Rooms of Death (PC)
- Mr Driller 2 (GBA)

Fist Person Shooters
- Black Mesa (PC)
- Unreal Tournament Series (PC)
- Postal 2 (PC)
- Call of Duty 5 (Wii/XBOX)
- GoldenEye 007 (N64)
- Metroid Prime Series (Wii/DS)
- Duke Nukem 3D (PC)
- Coded Arms Series (PSP/PS3)

- Mario Series (Including Yoshi series) (Holy shit, so many I cant even write them down)
- Megaman Series (So many)
- Metroid (Nintendo Consoles, even is this is more of an Exploration game, still...)
- Kirby (LOL)
This is like, my favorite game genre, and there's just so many games, that is like
impossible for me to make a list.

Old-school Games
- Nearly every damn NES/Arcade/Remake/Port oldschool game ever.
- Cave Story

13- Algun juego que te ha gustado mas que otros?
R: Bufff..... no tengo favorito, me gustan demasiados.

14- Que tipo de peliculas sueles ver?
R: Mistery, Horror, Mexican, Action, Comedy, 3D Animation, Anime, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Splatter, War and Spaghetti Westerns. P:

15- recomiendas algunas?
R: Bufffffff.......... El Topo.

16- te gusta leer?
R: Si.

17- comida favorita?
R: Pizza, Hamburguesa, Hot Dog, Tortas de el Berrinche, y la Guacamole Bacon de Carls Jr.

18- bueno, mucho de ti, hablemos de tu alrrededor oks? ahora mismo donde estas?
R: En el trabajo o:

19- y en donde te gustaria estar?
R: Con mi novia >//< o jugando videojuegos, lol.

20- y en donde deverias estar?
R: Jugando videojuegos.... xD

21- que suena ahora mismo en tu reproductor de musica?
R: Pues, tengo esto en YouTube, Trance- Raindrops…

22- algo que tengas que hacer pero que no haces?
R: El trabajo, pero ahorita lo termino ;)

23- debes cosas?
R: Un banner para la pagina de un compadre de Worms u.u

24- por que no las haces?
R: No sé. No esta en mis prioridades supongo.

25- supongo que si no las has hecho las haras no?
R: Tal vez si.

26- que tal con tus amigos?
R: o:

27- que haceis normalmente cuando estais juntos?
R: o:

28- tu mejor amigo?
R: necKros, Mark.

29- Algo que te gustaria decirles que no atreves en persona por verguenza o algun otro motivo?
R: Yo les digo todo.

30- tu mejor amiga?
R: Sara.

31- algo que decirles pero por verguenza o otro motivo no haces?
R: Nada.

32- bueno, comencemos la distorcion, de tus amigos varones, si tubieces que enamorarte de alguno, de quien lo harias?
R: necky neck <3

33- por que?
R: tiene buenas tetas. xD

34- ahora, si tubieces que darle una patada en la cara a alguno, a quien se la darias?
R: a Mark, por marica. iiiiiiiiii mlpp!

35- y con tus amigas, si tubieces que besar a alguna en los labios y com pasion~, quien seria?
R: Con Moni <3

36- ahora, estamos en un cuarto cerrado, luz hambiental~, en el aire se respira la pasion~, una gran y comoda cama~, con quien te acostarias en ella para..."eso"...una de tus amigas eh?
R: Con Moni <3

37- crees que ella leera esto?
R: Nadie lee estas madres... xD

38- bueno, supongo que seria peor que esto lo leyece tu novi@...tienes?! eh eh?!
R: ;D

39- pos en el caso de que si tengas novi@, ahora te vienen algunas preguntas muajajaja soy un tag malo *-* a que si
R: squee!

40- comencemos, asi que tienes novi@ eh? como se llama?
R: Monica.

41- que edad tiene?
R: 19

42- como le conociste?
R: deviantArt

43- es una relacion a distancia?
R: woot. no.

44- me l@ describirias psiquicamente??
R: que?

45- que es lo que mas te gusta de ella/el?
R: Just the way she is (8)

46- cuanto llevas con el/ella?
R: 1 año 5 meses.

47- como te gusta que sea contigo?
R: Como es. o:

48- algo que te gustaria decirle?
R: Si, que tengo mucha hambre xD

49- que bonito *-* (supongo, vamos es tu novi@ D: si dijiste algo feo eres mala persona! xD) bueno, ahora hablemos un poquito de mi para acabar okas?
R: NO, ya no responderé mas tus preguntas, muereeeeeeeeeeee! *salta por la ventana*

50- me importa muy poco tu respuesta XD igual tengo que hacer la otra pregunta asi que, que opinas de este tag?

51- como te sientes despues de estas preguntas raras?

52- bueno, ahora si crees que meresco que me rules, taggearias a gente?
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Been working so much. (lol!!!)
Part of my art was published on a magazine!
Here's the link P:
Features all kind of artists! Try to get your art on it. It feels good that someone takes you seriously. (;_; )

Im trying to get more into graphic design.
I got a new job now.

Been playing Stepmania (again), now I can pass level 14 songs, awesome! Im like a Korean bastard.

Also I got a DS Lite + 8gb R4 SDHC.
Im so happy and proud about it... now I can play a lot of my favorite games.

The one I have been recently playing is Hotel Dusk, its so cool, if you have the chance, check it out!

Ill try to upload more shit these days... I need to regain my touch.

And, thats about it, have a happy christmas and a happy new year!

----------------- <3 -----------------

1y3m with Kaze, and counting. :iconx-kaze-x::iconmarzone:



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  • Playing: Hotel Dusk / Shitload of DS Games / Wii Games
  • Eating: So much shit
  • Drinking: Shit.
:iconiluplz: Happy First Year hun!! :iconiluplz:

:iconiluplz: :iconx-kaze-x::iconmarzone: :iconiluplz:

Theres a new ExpoComic coming soon, so, expect more porn from now on.
And by porn I mean nude cosplay pictures.
Just kidding, I've been busy playing Mario Kart Online <3~
Practicing for the tourney. I expect to win and pwn.
Ill try to submit something good soon, if not, im gay.
And necKros, plz... dont be a fag, dont leave me.

"I feel so oldschool, so... 8-Bit."





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  • Reading:
  • Watching: (Supossed to be) House 4th Season, Lots of mangas.
  • Playing: Mario Kart Wii / Super Mario 64 / Zelda Windwaker
  • Drinking: Coke

Happy NIN9 Months Kaze, hun. ^__^
BTW, I miss deviantArt so much.

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PD. Couldn't change my Mood Icon.
Ill upload something soon... 3 years from now.
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  • Playing: Mario Sunshine / Majora's Mask / Windwaker
  • Eating: Torta Cubana
  • Drinking: Orchata
(Just kidding, I dont have that...)


First of all, Kaze honey, I lob u. <3
Almost 2 months of happiness and
"joyness" (Candy Mountain!).

Ugh, I feel so dizzy, I think im gonna throw up anytime.
Lord, help me, even if I dont go to church every sunday.
Rophl, by the way, im level 20 in DJ Max Online. (Yepee!).

I have been doing some papercrafts, easy ones, I want to go
slow on these. Papercraft is awesome.

Well thats all, have all a merry xmas, have lots of sex
drug, drinks, tomatoes etc.

Also, buttseks.



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:iconneckros-fh: :iconshalisss: :iconthalosk: :iconfax-machine:

:iconmicroman85: :iconankhsethamon: :icondmr-elk: :iconisharanger:
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Friends (And other n00bz)
:iconneckros-fh: :iconelegant-gothiclolita: :iconmicroman85:  :icondmr-elk:

DA Friends
:iconjousia: :iconankhsethamon: :iconpoaru: :iconisharanger:

Kewl and Hawt PPL
:icontsu-darei: :iconlost-mujaki2004: :iconnawafiai:  :iconanimigue: :icongerardinho:
Im Kinda' dead aren't I?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Sat Sep 10, 2005, 6:18 PM
Frnds nd awsm ppl

:iconmarzone: :iconmicroman85: :iconzeonocte: :iconelegant-gothiclolita: :iconkaruruh: :iconskull-link:
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Ya subi dos meldas :3~
visiten estos links o mueran xD


:iconmicroman85: :iconzeonocte: :iconsana-kurata: :iconkaruruh: :iconskull-link: :icondeamonlaharl:


Hola, no tengo inspiracion.. ._. y no me importa -x-
anyways, como puede alguien que no tiene dev's tener mas de 4500 page views, 15 dev wachiers y 300 comments?
venalo aki: ¬¬ odio a ese tipo..

A ver, voy a probar iconos <.< si no funciona me chingue. xD

:iconmicroman85: :iconzeonocte: :iconsana-kurata: :iconkaruruh: :iconskull-link: :icondeamonlaharl:


Como se ponen las imagenes con links T_T
kero poner a mis friendos...
y otras cosillas por ahi .-.
Pues, hoy no hay arte, toi haciendo unas cuantas cosas...
pronto las subire n_n

[ Mientras dejo los links asi sin imagenes T_T ]

Marko [Microman85] :
Celph :

byes o oU
Marzone es la Zona Mars -_-
T_T fue lo uniko k se me ocurriooooo!
Como sea, ya se ven las demas dev's.
Y acabo de subir un fan art para kite ride.
estos emos rulean xDD

Weno, me voy, bais! ^^
Pk cuando añado Deviatations no se ven como "Recent" T_T
u_v no entendo el sistema de DA... weno..
Ya tengo 5 devs (de los cuales solo uno se ve ¬¬), ademas alguien agrego mi kaki de darkone a sus fav's.. n-n me shento alagado... como sea... <_<... todo apesta _x_ shao.